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Dear Renate, I'm forever grateful to have known you. The day our common friend told me about you, showed me your pictures, I knew you were the right person. I knew that the day would come that you would guide me on my path. So it was. Your divine energy, this wildness, adventurous side, a mother and still such a bold woman. I admire it a lot. I remember that picture of you from your yoga retreat, what a divine energy this picture had! As you said, it is my own energy I saw reflected. I was denying this part of myself for so long but at the same time I was looking for it. You took me on a retreat for 3 days in the mountains with a small group. We went to the most magical places in Rosenlaui. All the natural elements were present. The waterfalls, the mountains, glaciers, the forest... I was in a very dark place at the start of that retreat. You were like a light, grounding me during those days. With compassion, gentleness, a listening ear and connection with nature, I managed to get out of these dark thoughts. The hike, the writing, bathing in ice cold water, sleeping outside, making a bonfire; it was such a blast. I felt safe in our small group, being embraced by nature. I felt alive again. Back the to person I really was inside. 

Then the next time, we did a one-to-one tailor-made coaching session, working on connecting with this divine energy inside. I was ready to let go of the old and embrace my own healing power. You prepared the perfect day for me.

We worked a lot with the water element. Feeling again the ice cold water, made the negativity and mental blocks go away. The sound healing, the walk, the talk, it all helped me to work on the wounded inner child and connect again with this divine goddess inside. By literally throwing my pain in the fire and rebirthing in the water was a true blessing. The days after I felt all the old stuff coming out; I had a fever, I cried, I felt like I could finally let go of all the pain I was carrying with me for all these years. While writing this feedback, I am sitting on my bathroom floor, crying in the middle of the night, finally being able to express what I really feel inside. The days after the retreat, my partner reacted differently to me. Like he felt I was loving myself more and having more self confidence. 

By this feedback, I want to thank you for being you, for being such a beautiful spiritual being, a wonderful woman, coach and friend.
I highly recommend Renate, I wish everyone to experience what I experienced and to feel again who they really are inside.


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