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Shine your light.

Do you long for positive change?

Start your journey of personal transformation here.

We all have stories of our personal life. We create our world around our stories. Our brains love these stories. Our thinking is so powerful that we sometimes even forget that we are not our thoughts, but the thinker of our thoughts. 

 What if you could rewrite your stories by starting to look at them from a different perspective? What if you no longer identify yourself with your stories but instead learn to see yourself for who you really are?

What if you could free yourself from limiting thinking and sink into heartcentred being?

If this resonates with you and you are ready for change, then I invite you to go on a personal journey with me where I coach and guide you on your path towards a more authentic connection with yourself, deeper love, gratitude and joy, a sense of direction and energy to manifest the life you long for. 

I offer personal and team coaching sessions and mountain wilderness retreats during which we explore inner and outer landscapes. Nature is a healer, the mountains work as a mirror for our lives. We cannot spend enough time in this healing environment, which is why most of my offerings take place in nature. 

My services

Every time you heal yourself,

you heal the collective

Do you have this unsatisfying feeling about your life?

Do you long for change?

You can change

Everybody can change. You are worthy of a fulfilled life. All you need to start the process of transformation is a heartfelt yes to your own change.

Coaching is a powerful way to reconnect with your true essence and can help you on your journey of personal development. When we reflect on our own life, we become more aware. Aware of who we are, what really matters, where we are going. We become conscious beings, able to better enjoy life, achieve more, heal ourselves, live in connection with our divine self and the world around us. 

Coaching as a tool for transformation

Engaging in a coaching dialogue allows you to discover yourself in new ways. I work with different methods and coaching techniques from psychology, positive inquiry, non-violent communication, elemental coaching, bodywork, yoga and meditation. 

To let change happen, you have to go through the resistance

Get out of your comfort zone and step into adventure zone. During our retreats we travel to the most beautiful and wild places in the Swiss Alps where we live a nomadic, basic lifestyle and explore our wild nature. 

Outdoor skills

During our retreats, you learn how to make open fire at all weather types and cook the most delicious meals in the wild. You will become skilled at building a safe shelter for yourself and your group. We will hike and explore, you learn how to orientate and move safely in the mountains. You will sleep under the stars and bath in waterfalls, natural pools and silver moonlight.

Inner journey

We slow down and get silent leaving the hustle and bustle from everyday behind, to allow the voice of our heart to be heard. We hold space for your personal process to unfold. Through impulses, bodywork, breathwork, journaling, sharing circles, yoga, meditation and rituals you reconnect with your body and spirit. Our wilderness retreats are transformational, rejuvenating, connecting and heart opening. 

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