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My Story


I'm Renate. Born and raised below sealevel in a small village close to Rotterdam in The Netherlands. My village was surrounded by water. We lived on a dike, one of many in my village. We had a big garden in which I loved to play on endless afternoons.  

My story started at the age of 1, when I set my first steps in the mountains. Since then, I spent countless summers in the Swiss Alps, hiking, playing, swimming and camping with my family. Those times were the highlight of my childhood and plant the seeds for my later life. 

As the tree of my life got deeper roots, my outer life expanded beyond the borders of The Netherlands. Over a timespan of 13 years I lived in Maastricht, Geneva, Lausanne, Munich, Utrecht, Brussels, Stockholm and back in Switzerland. Since 2019, I live in Luzern with my two children. 

I hold a master's degree in Health Sciences and I'm a trained coach and systemic experiential pedagogue. The tiny seed that was my passion for mountains grew and eventually became so substantial that I decided to combine my love for the outdoors with my background as a coach and process facilitator. 

A major life event led me back to the mountains where I went to find peace of mind, solace and healing. The impact the mountains continue to have on me is transformative and I realised that this could not only be helpful to me, but to anyone wanting to break free from old habits, patterns, and situations that no longer serve the highest goal and who want to step back into their power of origin. 

My mission is to help other people discover their true essence and support their transformation process towards a lighter and fulfilled life, lived from the heart. I offer personal coaching, indoors as well as outdoors, and mountain wilderness retreats for individuals and organisations.

Most relevant education, training, workshops and expeditions


Planoalto, Switzerland

Samuel Staffelbach, Klangtherapeut

Systemische Erlebnispädagogik

Klangschalenmassage Basis Kurs


Jim Fortin

Transformational Coaching Program


Het Levenscollege, NL

Love, Power & Spirit Week


Het Levenscollege

Life Initiations

Mediumschapsweek Bellwald


Mount Aconcagua, Argentinia

Climbing expedition 


Phoenix Education, Utrecht, NL 

Transactional Analysis


Sara Boas, London

Professional Coach Certification, ICF accredited


Coaching Square, Brussels




Solo trekking 45 days through the Himalaya


OPP, Utrecht, NL

MBTI Step I Trainer Certificate


Maastricht University, NL

Master of Science in Health Sciences

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